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Are you a tea or coffee person?

Whether you prefer a steaming cup of coffee or a soothing mug of tea, your beverage preference can say a lot about your personality and lifestyle.

Coffee drinkers are more driven

Researches suggest that coffee drinkers are more driven, thanks to the stimulation properties of coffee. They are more ‘on the go’ types and prefer fast-paced life a lot more. On the other hand, tea drinkers are the ones who think a lot more and are more reflective in nature.

Introvert vs Extrovert

This was quite the opposite of what we generally expect. The coffee drinkers are mostly creative and introverts. They prefer their own space and are comfortable with their own company. On the other hand, tea drinkers are extroverts and like to interact and network.

Morning or night person

The most surprising revelation is that a coffee drinker is more of ‘morning’ person than a ‘tea’ drinker who is more of a ‘night’ person. This is why tea drinkers are generally quieter in the morning and are more adventurous, night owls. Also, coffee drinkers are generally light sleepers while tea drinkers are average sleepers. This, in turn, helps coffee drinkers to wake up with the first alarm in the morning and hence, they are generally more punctual.

Coffee lovers are more result oriented

Coffee drinkers are more result driven. Take the example of the brewing process of high-end coffee- it is all about the results, rather than the ceremony (what green beans, what roaster, particular computerised roast profile, what grinder, what grind setting, purity of the water, temperature of the water, what brewing method) – all that matters is the technical details and the end result. The high-end coffee drinkers have rituals that are majorly technical in nature.

On the other hand, tea drinkers enjoy the finer things in life a lot more- they are comparably more laid back and content. Like in case of tea preparation where the rituals are more elaborate, the tea drinkers are more concerned about the journey, than the result.

Sweet tooth

Tea drinkers are more likely to have a sweet tooth as compared to the coffee drinkers. This is the reason why tea drinkers prefer to add sugar or honey to their tea, while coffee drinkers can easily avoid sugar intake.

Furthermore, given coffee's greater addictive properties and tea's well known health benefits, 'tea people' perhaps have more discipline and control over their lives and are more health conscious than 'coffee people'.

So, how do you think about this research and lets us know if you are more of a coffee or tea person.

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